Table 2.

CSE inhibits forskolin-stimulated, serosal to mucosal 36Cl flux

Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageIscRt
CSE exposed1.09±0.081.36±0.090.27±0.050.54±0.04334±22
t-TestP > 0.05P < 0.01P < 0.05P < 0.01P > 0.05
  • Values are mean ± SE mucosal to serosal (Embedded Image), serosal to mucosal (Embedded Image), and net (Embedded Image) chloride flux (in μeq·cm−2·h−1) (n = 5 for Embedded Image control; n = 6 for all other groups) and transepithelial resistance (Rt, Ω·cm2) (n = 11 for control, 12 for CSE exposed).