Table 3.

Summary of data collected by microelectrode impalement

Va, mVVt, mVVb, mVRt, Ω·cm2fRa
CSE 2 min−36.3±2.41−10.5±2.13−46.9±5.58411±62.40.33±0.061
CSE 4 min−40.4±2.50−9.5±1.96−49.9±5.5395±51.80.35±0.043
CSE 6 min−43.0±4.74−8.6±1.87−51.6±8.81380±43.90.39±0.045
CSE 8 min−47.7±4.11−7.71±1.90−55.4±7.85365±37.40.45±0.075
  • Apical membrane (Va) and transepithelial (Vt) potential and Rt values are means ± SE (n = 3 for each). Basolateral membrane potential (Vb) values (calculated from mean Va + mean Vt) are means ± SE (calculated by propagation of error). Apical fractional resistance (fRa) was calculated by ΔVaVt = Ra/Ra + Rb = fRa.